Yamaha Ray Z Full Specifications, Review and Price in India

Yamaha Ray Z Features and Price in India

Yamaha Ray Z Features

Yamaha Ray z Review

Yamaha launched their new ray scooter Yamaha ray z especially for the men. Yamaha ray scooters were well received when they launched their ladies focused scooter Yamaha ray. That was a great success for the Yamaha with the selling of 70000 scooters from the ray series.

New Yamaha ray z for men coming with masculine look with a combination of red and black, black and white and also in full black color. Technical specifications and features of ray z is almost similar to Yamaha ray.

It is believed that Yamaha z also give the same performance as Yamaha ray. One may feel Yamaha ray z is much sporty when comparing with Yamaha ray. Yamaha ray will cost Rs. 48,555/- (ex showroom price, Delhi).

Hot Features of Yamaha Ray Z

  • 113cc four stroke motor engine
  • 53 kmpl mileage
  • 8.1 Nm @ 5500 rpm torque
  • 7 Bhp @ 7500 rpm power
  • Carbon patterned seat
  • Automatic transmission

External look and appeal

New Yamaha ray z for men coming with masculine look. The eye catching design with a combination of red and black, black and white and also in full black color is really awesome.On external appearance the bike looks stylish and sporty. One may feel Yamaha ray z is much sporty when comparing with Yamaha ray.

Engine and performance

Yamaha ray z from Yamaha Company powered by a 2-valve 4-stroke, SOHC engine capable of producing 7 Bhp @ 7500 rpm power and 8.1 Nm @ 5500 rpm torque. 113 cc displacements is offering from the company. For a 110cc scooter the power is really good and it gives you a smooth drive on roads.

Mileage of Yamaha Ray z

53 kmpl is the offered mileage of Yamaha ray z. Yamaha ray giving the better mileage as per the company assurance still, so we can hope the same in case of ray z too.

Comfort and convenience features

It features aluminum black split grab rails, smoked finish visor ,well developed  instrument panel with faux carbon fiber back ground and a carbon fiber patterned seat with cover. 1835.00 mm x 675.00 mm x 1090.00 mm dimensions with 128.00 mm ground clearance makes this one a great scooter.

Safety on ride

Safety assured in Yamaha ray z via automatic gears, Dry-Centrifugal cluch, Telescopic Front suspension, Unit Swing Rear suspension, 130mm drum rear and front brakes, large head lamp, multiple indicators etc.

What is new with the Yamaha ray z?

The only difference between Yamaha Ray Z and Yamaha Ray models are in graphics and colors. The engine and performance remains same. With the added style it attracts males more.

Available colors and variants

Yamaha ray z available in white, black and red color combinations. Currently the ray z  available in single variant only. Yamaha ray series includes Yamaha Ray, Yamaha Ray Z and Yamaha Ray 150. Among this Ray 150 is powerful and much awaited scooter in India. Yamaha Ray 150 Price In India is Rs. 60,000/- (Expected). 

Technical Features of Yamaha Ray Z

Features of the model

Yamaha Ray Z

Engine 2-valve 4-stroke, SOHC
Displacement 113cc
Max power 7 Bhp @ 7500 rpm
Max torque 8.1 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Top speed 85kph
Fuel consumption(city) 40 kmpl
Gears Automatic
Cluch Dry, Centrifugal
Dimensions(length x width x height) 1835.00 mm x 675.00 mm x 1090.00 mm
Weight 104.00 kg
Ground clearance 128.00 mm
Fuel tank 5.00 ltrs
Front suspension Telescopic
Rear suspension Unit Swing
Brakes 130mm drum
Breaks (rear) 130mm drum
Self start yes
  • Low Fuel Indicator
  • Low Oil Indicator
  • Low Battery Indicator
Head lamp 12V, 35W/35W
Horn Single/Mono
Wheel type Steel Wheels
Wheel size 10 inch 100/90 mm mm
colors White, Red and Black

Yamaha Ray Z Full Price List in India – Ex-Showrooms

Name of Model

City Name

Ex-Showroom Price


Yamaha Ray Z

Delhi Rs. 49,518/-
Mumbai Rs. 52,065/-
Bangalore Rs. 50,398/-
Chennai Rs. 50,398/-
Surat Rs. 50,503/-
Pune Rs. 49,405/-
Trivandrum Rs. 50,398/-
Kolkata Rs. 50,452/-
Hyderabad Rs. 50,283/-
Ahmedabad Rs. 50,503/-

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  1. Anonymous says:

    iske price kam kijiye

  2. Prameesh aravindan says:

    yamaha ray z is one of the best and this will be the next market leader. I am sure that yamaha ray z can capture the indian market within 2 or 3 months time. because yamaha is behind this awesome model ray z. Yamaha i love it and rocks….

  3. SO STYLISH RE says:


  4. Nice Bike…… I like it

  5. chandan kumar sharma says:

    Milage is very less….

  6. Good bike..Like it..

  7. Verry nice and peppy coolll……

  8. i have buy it.
    its really nice & better than Activa or any other scooty in the market, looks, mileage, suspensions, comfort. all things are good.
    Ray Z is best…..


    • Anonymous says:

      hi…r u sure this is a gud 1..am going to buy..pls reply…will the engine shoew any lag in acceleration? did it give stability at high speed

  9. Anonymous says:

    too good & too stylish…. i lv the ray z

  10. awesome model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. awesome creation…. its just not a bike its more than that……

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yamaha Ray Best

  13. dayanand says:

    I am waited one year for Yamaha. scooter ray is disappointed for ground clearance its compulsory 155 MM(activation Honda 155MM ) FOR INDIAN ROADS. KNOW again Yamaha disappointed his new model ray Z. Same ground clearance 128 mm. So Yamaha pleas tell me What I can do. Don’t check the scooter performance on main roads only, u check it in Indian streets so u get how important of the ground clearance

  14. Anonymous says:

    Super scooter…

  15. surchand says:

    my yamaha ray is damage when an accident , so i want to purchase the parts which is damage. But i din’t get the part from any dealers from north east. Please suggest me how and where the parts will i get.

    • part recv from Kolkata factory shop..vip road narayantala.baguiati..pls.search Yamaha showroom cum factory shop at kolkata through net and get full address with contact no

  16. super bike

  17. elakkiya,madurai says:

    i want to buy a yamaha ray z.when i drive it i feel very comfortable one.but my opinion is,is there any available of spare parts.

  18. Adarsh Ojha says:

    superb bike

  19. nice bike ……! i like … it super yamaha ray z bike

  20. What’s the mileage of ray z ???

  21. Gud bike i m lov in it

  22. Anonymous says:

    headlight wont turn while negotiating curve

  23. mileage? says:


  24. samjoshi says:

    Im, coming to bought this scooty

    But few times later

  25. Anonymous says:

    i have yamaha ray z white and black .am saying feom my herat .good for our money valu

  26. Durgarao(munna) says:

    excellent modal, i am waiting for this type of model, thank you so much YAMAHA for giving this type of model, thank u thank u YAMAHA, i am already buy YAMAHA Ray…………………..

  27. I want to buy Yamaha ray z but I want to knw can we get spare parts… I like the stylish look which Yamaha has!!!! It’s cool

  28. I want to buy Yamaha ray bike. I like this bike very much. Tooooo 2 stylish look and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. it’s so nice bike

  30. Anonymous says:

    Like it

  31. Anonymous says:

    o kull mopeds

  32. Mohammad Asif says:

    Dear friends,
    I trial the scooty of yahama ray Z, very comfortable, smooth, pickup high, looks nice, but price is high comparison of other scooty like dio or active.
    Ray Z has low average, may be 40 kmpl in city. but active average is 60 kmpl.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Goood stuff

  34. Awesome look

  35. Dear friends,

    I am going to buy this Yamaha Ray Z. But I heard that its mileage is very low. And its headlight also not on the handle.
    Spare parts are very expensive and easily not available.

    Is there any other stylish model scooter like Yamaha Ray Z?

    Please suggest

  36. ray-z have tube less Tyre or not

  37. Please tell me the Yamaha Ray Z riding experience. Is it good bike for family ?

  38. Yamaha Ray Z is good scooty. My friend brought this 2 week back. he told this is good scooter

  39. Yash marathe says:

    Its awesome….

  40. is it worth.. i had a test drive… pick up is ohk.. i am concerned abu the tyres.. is it tubeless???

  41. My mind blows and is in thirst for it

  42. vipul gupta says:

    its not the copy of honda dio honda copied it$ look a$ yamaha has launched this look in january2012 in delhi expo there after in febuary honda launched its new version of dio “ok” so dont be in that confusion that yamaha copies….because all make a copy…

  43. Gulshan kumar says:

    itz mileage is 53kmpl nt 40 kmpl….

  44. please send one quotation

  45. milage kam hai

  46. vasanthkumar says:

    nice bike

  47. vasanthkumar says:

    nice look

  48. umesh devadiga says:

    Nice bike but clear mileage bathao

  49. Sudarshan says:

    Nice 1.. But milage is low…
    The look is very nice I love it… So.. I think 2 buy.. It.. Ray z…
    N a scooter after a long time after old deo.. For mens..

  50. Anonymous says:

    nice but wht about spare parts

  51. I am buy it next week but wht about spare parts and telme cleare milage

  52. its good vehicle… mileage getting 42 to 47…. and market rate is 58,000… and while ride its awsome… i like it… yes yamaha…..

  53. Sporty bike but I think low milage
    Milega bade to iska mukabala kisise nahe

  54. Good bike!!

  55. hi..to Every One plz tel me the avg mileage …and performance and wt ever….. y becz I want to buy Yamaha Ray Z …..in dis month…. give heart saying rly to dis……..

  56. I have just buy red one coz i m believe in yamaha only

  57. sujit thakur says:

    i have bought one and its been a month now, really great pick up and quite comfortable ride, head light positioning is awsome and much better than any other scooters around. Really eye catching looks and have often recieved awsome comments from onlookers. still confused about the mileage tho.. but anyone looking to buy a new scooter.. ray z gets a thumbs up. Yes Yamaha !!

  58. Bike looking is good price ok but milage is very low

  59. dr,babu lal says:

    hi,,,, can anybody tell me approx. mileage on indian city road. and availability of parts

  60. can anyone tell me…what is the approx mileage?

  61. I am birkhang borogayary i like yawaha ray.my best scooty.

  62. Stylish & Comfort …
    Experiencing to drive Ray Z is excellent

  63. plz incrzzz millagg

  64. i love this yamaha bike ray z scooty very much, superb………{like it}

  65. Faiz erol roni says:

    I want to buy yamah ray-z but its milage so poor :(

  66. Getting ready to afford this dassing scooty.. I hav been a big fan of yamaha .I had an accident an lost my right leg yet m getting ready to ride it again. Yamaha scooters rocks!!. THANKS

  67. Looking glamarous

  68. sourav nagar says:

    yamaha is best

  69. Ubaid shaikh says:

    I thk its milage is 2 low and also d size of d scooter doesn’t match 2 its style
    Its style is fantastic, but it would look fabulous if its body gets expanded

  70. Anonymous says:

    How much power does it giv

  71. the look of the scooty is awesome but its milage is 53 kmpl whereas other honda scooty’s has 60 to 62kmpl. Its milage is low i think for the coming year the milage gets high i’am waiting for that day . iam intended to buy a scooty i.e, YES YAMAHA .

  72. r.subramanian says:

    service is worst … NO INFORMATION FOR SERVICE

  73. vry stylish n too attractive bt price is too high..

  74. I like Yamaha ray z it is stylish yes Yamaha.

  75. i lovr yamaha ray

  76. i love yamaha ray

  77. Gud..

  78. It luks smart for men,
    I bought it,
    safe nd comfort for me..

  79. Look sooo sweet….

  80. Anonymous says:

    good power stylish bike high milage

  81. it’s very cool bike and stylis bike ever

  82. prasenjit baul says:

    nice look

  83. I like this bike it is stylish looking asweom but millage is less

  84. Ramakrishnan says:


    i want to buy a yahama ray z on next week. can anybody tell me its mileage and performance

  85. I noted Always only a milage problem in YAMAHA

  86. 57 kmpl in city unbelievable…… :)

  87. sindhurallapati says:

    Ray z is super bike.good looking.
    But bad mileage, even when gng at 40 km speed on good roads.
    Upto two services to bike it had given 45-50 kmpl after tht not even 30 kmpl

  88. I m going to buy ray z but confused about its milage also other bikes r single cylinder single valvebut it have two valves is their any problem due to this

  89. The sporty and stylish look will attract new generation but ever increasing fuel prices are demanding fuel efficient bikes,
    yamaha will have to work on mileage if they successfully do so, they will be market leaders, and they will rule the Indian market and other markets for generation to come…
    so yamaha increase mileage increase sales.
    All the best

  90. Shah Kaisar says:

    My first vehicle……. Yamaha Ray Z …..,,,,,,,,Itz Cool

  91. Shah Kaisar says:

    8* /10*…8 people are in favor of Ray Z out of 10 people…. Means It Proves alot

  92. Yamaha Ray Z The Best in Pick Up, looks and smoothness on the road ……Mileage!! Always dosent matter ….when it comes to Yamaha…………Yes YAMAHA

  93. ASHIQ ACHU says:


  94. Sumana Karmakar says:

    I Love This Scooter So……Much I Have The Bike With Royal Blue And Black Colour And It Two Month It’s Really Awesome And It’s Mileage Is So.Good.
    Thanks Yamaha
    “Yes Yamaha”
    “Revs Your Heart”

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