Unocoin Launches Mobile PoS App for Indian Merchents to Accept Bitcoin

Unocoin is the India’s leading Bitcoin company based in Bangalore, India. They has announced the launch of its merchant point-of-sale mobile app named “Unocoin PoS” for Android and iOS devices, that will make it easier for physical stores in India to accept bitcoin for products and services. They said that it is the simplest to use PoS app in the world which allows unrestricted transactions between customers and merchants.


The company leaves a statement contains “Over the past year, our web traffic has increased by more than 500%. We added more than 6,000 users just last month alone and our volume is skyrocketing. While the company’s vision is to bring bitcoin to billions, it is now aiming to make physical stores and merchants in India easier to accept bitcoin. This is presently unmarked territory in India”.

According to the platform, first step is merchants have to sign up with Unocoin and get a verified account before they can actually start accepting bitcoin payments. After the verification is done, they can download the Unocoin PoS application on their mobile devices and connect the device to their merchant account by scanning a QR code available on the website and start collecting bitcoin payments.

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