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Top 5 Largest Wheat Producing Countries

Wheat is a cereal grain and it is the third most produced valuable cereal on earth. Production of wheat was 713 million tons. Wheat has more protein than other  major cereals.  Wheat is also loaded with cell reinforcements which cure distinctive illnesses like white platelets. wheat provides calories ,nutrients, such as protein, dietary fiber, manganese, phosphorus and niacin also contains Several B vitamins and other dietary minerals. Here we are addressing top 5 countries that produce the most wheat in the world.



China is the world’s number one wheat producing country as well as world’s largest wheat importer and delivers around 125.6 million metric tons. It has the rank 1st in agriculture generation in the universe. China has the largest land area for wheat production. Wheat has 40% of grain consumption in China and almost 60% of the country’s population eats the grain daily. Chinese wheat matures early, so two crops can be cultivated each year.


India is one of the largest wheat producer country in the world and they produced almost 25 million ha under production and averaging almost 60 million tonnes in recent years. Wheat is grown in almost all parts of the country, but nearly 70 percent lies in the northern region and 20 percent in central India. Top 3 wheat producing states in India are uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh.

United States of America

The United States of America is one of the largest wheat producer and it is a wide range of hard and soft wheat possessing grain protein ranging from 7 to 8 percent in soft wheat to 19 to 20 percent in hard wheats. The United States Department of Agriculture has listed eight official classes of wheat that are durum wheat, hard red spring wheat, hard red winter wheat, soft red winter wheat, hard white wheat, soft white wheat, unclassed wheat, and mixed wheat. Wheat is produced in almost all state in the United State.


France is one of the largest producer in world, and the the French wheat crop in 2012-13 is put at 37.7 million tonnes. In wheat production France is fourth behind China, India, and the U.S. France is second in Europe for hard wheat production and it produced 1.7 million tonnes in 2013. The production of soft wheat in France is mainly concentrated around the maritime plains of the Central Region, the Aquitaine basin, Western France and Paris basin. Hard wheat cereal produced mainly in the region of Mediterranean region.

Russian Federation

In wheat production Russian federation is fifth behind China, India, United States of America and France. Russia accounted for almost 45%t of the nations total production of wheat. Winter wheat is the main variety grown in Russia and it is raised chiefly in the western portion of the country around Moscow and north of the Black Sea.

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