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Top 5 Largest Potato Producing Countries

The potato is a starchy, tuberous crop and It is the fourth-largest food crop after maize, wheat, and rice. The potato was first seen in the region of modern-day southern Peru and extreme northwestern Bolivia. There are over a thousand different types of potatoes available now. China become worlds number one in potato production, and almost a third of the world’s potatoes were harvested in China and India. There are almost 5,000 potato varieties in worldwide. Three thousand of them are found in the Andes alone, mainly in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and Colombia. The potato is a huge storage of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, such as carotenoids and natural phenols and it also best known for its carbohydrate content. Here we are addressing top 5 countries that produce the most potatos.



China is the world’s largest potato producer in the world. They produced around 25.4% of the global production. Guyuan region in Hebei Province, central China, is the No. 1 potato production city in China. Wholesale markets and a potato shipping association has timely delivered of fresh potatoes to 17 provinces, including Hong Kong, Macao as well as Taiwan and some other European countries.  The average production of potatoes in China was 14.35 tons/ha, which was lower than the worlds average production of 16.74 tons/ha.


The potato arrived India in the past 16th and early 17th centuries and now India is the world’s leading potato producing nation, India has produced around 26 million tonnes in 2007. There lots of potato varieties in India and they suited to the country’s climate. Top potato growing states in India include Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh .

Russian Federation

Russia is  the one of the large producer of potatoes and it is the third largest potato producer in the world after China and India. Russia produced 29.5 million metric tons (MMT) of potatoes in 2012. Imports of potatoes became relatively small because large amount of potatoes used by Russians it self. Russia’s major potato producing regions are situated in the Central and Volga Valley federal districts close to urban consumers in these federal districts.

United States of America

potatoes are the leading vegetable crop in the United States. Almost more than half of potato sales are to processors for French fries, chips, dehydrated potatoes, and other potato products and the remainder goes to the fresh market.  Idaho, Washington and Wisconsin are the three leading states in potato production.


Ukraine is the largest producer of potatoes and it is the world’s  fifth producer of potatoes, after China, the Russian Federation, India and the United States. Potatoes have been grown in Ukraine since the 18th century. Almost 14% of potatoes are grown on small private gardens in Ukraine. Kherson region of Ukraine has the largest potato storage in Europe.

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