Top 5 Best Selling Men’s Deodorant Brands in India

Best Leading Deodorant Brands in India

Deodorant Brands in India

Do you like men’s smelling good? Everybody likes someone with good fragrance always. A good deodorant for men or women is needy during hot summer season. With increased ads that overwhelming the impact of deodorants lots of young men’s and women’s using this every day. A good fragrance  not only gives smell but it enhances the self confidence of the user while we interacting with others. Before selecting a good deodorant you should know which is good for you without side effects like skin darkening and irritation. Choose a cool fragrance and attracts everyone around you instantly.

Top 5 most popular deodorants brands for men

  • Axe
  • Park Avenue
  • Wild stone
  • Play boy
  • Nivea



Axe is the brand name of male grooming products from a British- duch company Unilever in France. Another famous brand dove is a related brand of Axe company. Axe deodorants is very famous for their hot ads and fragrance that attracted young men to buy the product forcefully.Most of them feel an increased confidence after using these wonder deo during their meetings. It will keep you fresh and smart from morning to evening . Axe products are coming in affordable price range. Deodorants cost less than 250 rupees per bottle.

Popular Axe deodorants

  • Axe chocolate
  • Axe pulse
  • Axe Apollo
  • Axe dimension
  • Axe summer
  • Axe provoke


Park Avenue

Park Avenue

Park Avenue is one of the biggest brands in the cosmetic industry. Perfumes and deodorants from Park Avenue are highly famous. They offer variety range of fragrances in deodorants for men. Most of them are long lasting and leaves you fresh from morning to evening even in hot climates. Go and choose your one fast and spreads the wonder around you.

Popular Park Avenue deodorants

  • Game
  • Tranquil freshness
  • Cool blue
  • Combo of three men
  • Alpha
  • Storm

Wild stone

Wild stone

Wild stone brand is one of the India’s leading male grooming brand producing perfumes, deodorants, soap and shaving products. It is one among the three top deodorants brand in India. They continuously offer variety of fragrances to the Indian youth which are always welcomed perfectly. Price range of these varies from 101-200 rupees.

Most popular wild stone deodorants

  • Aqua fresh
  • Hydra energy
  • Forest spice
  • Night rider
  • Hunt deo
  • Red deo




Play boy deodorants are even new to the market with their variety of attracting fragrance it acquired lot of young male fans. It will spread an attracting fragrance whole day without irritating the skin and under arms. it is becoming one of the leading men’s deodorant in India . From101 to 1000 rupees range deodorants are available with assured quality.

Best selling playboy deodorants

  • Playboy London
  • Playboy Hollywood
  • Playboy New York
  • Playboy Ibiza




Nivea is a world famous skin and body care brand for men and women. The company was founded in 1882 in Germany. Nivea products are highly quality assured and using world widely with trust. Nivea deodorants are also costs less than 250 per each bottle. These products never cause skin darkening or irritation in most of the users as it is produced with high quality stuff.

Famous Nivea deodorants

  • Cool kick roll on
  • Cool kick
  • Silver protect
  • Fresh active
  • Fresh active rush
  • Fresh active burst

Other most wanted men’s deodorants brands

  • Brut
  • Fogg
  • Yardley
  • Reebok reecharge
  • Kamasutra
  • Bath and body works Paris
  • David beckham
  • Zero gravity
  • Lomani cigar
  • Nike up or down deo

Most wanted women’s deodorant brands

  • Nike
  • Fa
  • Spinz
  • Dove
  • Nivea
  • Blue lady

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  1. Thank you for get in touch with deodorants brands for men… Selected best deodorant model from here….

  2. vishwajeet Vinayak says:


  3. Premjith says:

    wild stone is my choice and best deodorant for men. while choosing deodorant, there are several thing to understand. i am sure best one is wild stone.

  4. i like playboy deo…

  5. Priti prabha says:

    My boy frnd use wild stone deo i really feals it awesome.

  6. Syed sabbar hussain says:

    Wild stone is best

  7. Googler says:

    I disagree that AXE deodrants last all day. I have been using them for quite a while and find the AXE chocolate the only fragrance that lives up to the brand value. AXE deo’s are more of an evening wear. They are well sensed in a airconditioned environment.

    If you are looking for some really worthwhile body deo and anti sweat deo’s then you should try out Garnier men. They are a new entrant in the market and not that well perceived as of date. But I can vouch that they are all day deo’s. Currently they have only 2 fragrances on shelf.

    I also like the new deo called ID which is marketed by Oriflame in India. Pricy but worth the money. After reading the recommendations on this blog, considering Wildstone. Can someone suggest a good fragrance by them? I like stronger sents.

  8. Prabhu M says:

    Park Avenue is the best expcly Voyage flvr.

  9. Arun.2kku says:

    Park Avenue is the best deodorant for Men in India.

  10. axe provoke( purple colour bottle ) is the best

  11. Old Spice is the best

  12. Anonymous says:

    where is the Set-Wet & Old spice??
    I think the no. one deo’s brands are PARK AVENUE,Old spice & SET-WET…!

    • Beverly Hills Polo Club deos are some thing no body spoke of. Ofcourse Playboy deos give guaranteed 24 hrs lasting, but i think Beverly Hills polo club has a decent fragrance and a good lasting. Available at good prices on Snapdeal…..

  13. Sachin Kumar Jaiswal says:

    Well present about Deodorants****thanks

  14. Medha Raut says:

    perfumes are best gifts.Thank for providing useful information.

  15. Ashi Khanvilkar says:

    I was looking for top 10 men perfumes came across this post.Good post.
    perfumes are best gifts.Thank for providing useful information.

  16. Axe is my favorite

  17. sunil malhotra says:

    Thanks for this article although there are a few new brands which are coming up in market which are taking the market share now , i guess zatak is one of them , But Indian men need much more than just a deo to deal with the humid condition in country


  19. pavan kumar says:

    DU IT

  20. Best is Set Wet, no where mentioned, fragrance for full day.

  21. Park Avenue Good Morning and all other Park Avenue deo’s are the best available deo’s in the market.

  22. is my Best deo axe provoge…

  23. My love use of park avenue deo is realy best i fell last bad nght..

  24. vinod panchal says:

    wild stone

  25. park avenue is the best

  26. Wild stone one of the best deo

  27. Milan pal says:

    I think wild ston is best my gf also like this so i like this you can try it

  28. nutan kumar says:

    parkavnue are the best deo alter ego

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