Top 5 Best Leading Air Conditioner Brands in India with Features and Price

March 15, 2013 By Devina
Last updated on November 17, 2013

 Leading Air Conditioner Brands and models in India

Leading Air Conditioner Brands and models in IndiaAir conditioner is one modern equipment used for cooling the room temperature by lowering the heat and adjusting the room temperature. During prickly summer it is impossible to live without air conditioners. It not only cools the room but also cleans the room as well. Nowadays split AC are becoming more popular with it’s sleek exterior, as well as noiseless performance. AC must be purchased not only depending upon it’s price but also based upon your room size. Switching AC on and off at regular intervals will waste lot of energy. The AC’s are listed according to their energy capacity, technical facts, functionality and star ratings. AC must be of various types like window-mounted unit, wall-mounted unit, split ductless or mini air systems. The major AC brands are Sharp, Samsung, Hitachi, Voltas, Panasonic, and Godrej, Whirlpool etc. Here i have enlisted some of the leading brands in AC. Choose the right one based on your purpose from the list of models given along with it.

List of Best Market Leading Air conditioners

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Voltas
  • Sharp
  • Blue star

Important Factors Should Consider Before Choosing the AC

You may be in a hurry to buy a new AC for this hot summer, But before going to choose one randomly just know these factors which greatly affect your AC, power and economical aspects. The need for Cooling and power consumption will vary based on different things the most important thing is about the “ton”. Before purchase calculates how much ton AC you actually need, it preventing you from buying a costly and heavy ton AC which you actually don’t want.

  • You can simply use the formula to calculate the total ton of AC you required, you just need to measure your room in feet (Length x Width x Height) then compare the below given chart and find out how much ton AC you want.
  • Total tonnage of AC required = Length (feet) x Breadth (feet) x Height (feet) of room/floor
  • Note that never go to showroom and ask opinion about the salesman they will try for selling an AC with huge tons.
  • Number and doors in a room or floor is another important to know about the leakage of air
  • Products in your room or home like heat generating equipments
  • Amount of sunlight exposure to or over the particular area need to be cooled

AC Tonnage

Samsung Air Conditioners

Samsung Air conditioners are featured with automatic cleaning, de-humidification, turbo cleaning, energy star rated. It turns your home dramatically into pure,healthy, removes health threatening bacteria like allergy-causing agents,thus protecting you from diseases. Samsung’s virus doctor S plasma tackles  bacteria from entering the house. It blows fresh air into the room creating an ideal climate in the room. Samsung is one of the leading electronic gadget market both in manufacturing and digital equipment’s. Samsung AC are of three types- split,window,and floor standing. There are wide variety of products from Samsung ranging from  mobile phones, LCD TVs, cameras, home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, AC’s to computer peripherals.

Samsung Split AC New models

MAX AR12FC2UAUQ 1.0 TR, 2 Star – MRP Rs. 23,100/-

  • Capacity (Cooling, W): 3.5kW

S-CRYSTAL+ AR18FC3EGBH 1.5 TR, 3 Star - MRP Rs. 36,800/-

  • Capacity (Cooling, W): 5.2kW

CRYSTAL AR18FC3EAUN 1.5 TR, 3 Star - MRP Rs. 34,100/-

  • Capacity (Cooling, W): 5.2kW

CRYSTAL+ AR18FC5EFBH 1.5 TR, 5 Star – MRP Rs. 39,500/-

  • Capacity (Cooling, W): 5.3kW


LG Air Conditioner

LG’s AC is smart cooler with plasmaster cyclotron filter,virus allergy filter,triple filter,antibacterial filter. The AC from LG is not only stylish but also smart air conditioner providing cool and clean air with self cleansing coils besides removing dust. It creates specific temperature in the room, the temperature can be set according to the needs of the user. LG is well known for it’s digital products an technologies. LG”s AC are arrived in wide varieties ranging from  Window, split, floor standing to cassette, network solution & ducted ACs.

LG Split AC New models

LG AS-W246C2U1 – MRP Rs. 77,990/-

  • Hot & Cold
  • TR (Ton Range) : 2.0T
  • Cooling(watts) : 3,070~24, 000~29,515 watt
  • Heating(watts) : 3,070~28,800~38,898 watt

LG LSA3ZR5M – MRP Rs. 34,990

  • Cooling(watts) : 3600 watt
  • TR (Ton Range): 1.0T

LG LSA6ZR3M – MRP Rs. 43,490/-

  • Cooling(watts) : 6300 watt
  • TR (Ton Range) : 2.0T

LG LSA5ZR3M – MRP Rs. 35,990/-

  • Cooling(watts) : 5225 watt
  • TR (Ton Range) : 1.5T


Voltas Air Conditioner

Voltas is one of the leading AC company also leading with refrigeration appliances. Voltas was organised in 1954 and mainly deals with cooling and air conditioning appliances. The company manufactures frocklift trucks. Voltas envisages in sewage treatments,water pollution control etc. In collaboration with Volkart Brothers, a Swiss firm and Tata Sons Limited, there led to a formation of Voltas. It introduced it’s first innovative split AC in 1984.

Voltas Split AC New models

Pride 3S – MRP(Rs) : 34990/-

  • Star Rating: 3 Stars
  • Rated Cooling Capacity: 4750 Watts

Prime 3S – MRP(Rs) : 34990/-

  • Star Rating: 3 Stars
  • Rated Cooling Capacity: 4900 Watts

Titanium 3S – 1 – MRP(Rs) : 35490/-

  • Star Rating: 3 Stars
  • Rated Cooling Capacity: 5000 Watts

Platinum 2S & 2S-N – MRP(Rs) : 22690/-

  • Star Rating: 2 Stars
  • Rated Cooling Capacity: 2600 Watts


Sharp Air Conditioners

Sharp offers wide variety of air conditioners with advanced air conditioning system which is the best for your indoors. You can choose from wall-mounted types, floor ceiling types, and the newly introduced floor standing types based on your need. Sharp features special portable AC with large airflow capacity that is unique with silent operating feature. Main two types of AC from Sharp include multi split inverter and single split type AC.   Single split type models are leading with advanced features. Mini split AC also becoming new trend. Sharp AC features smart design, no cluttering, light weight, portable etc. Latest models from AY-X and AE-X series features Plasmacluster ion device, High Energy class (A++), Coanda Airflow System etc.

Sharp Split AC New models

Sharp AH-AP18LMT Normal Split AC Price – Rs. 27,990/-

  • Capacity- 1.5 Ton
  • Star rating: 2 star
  • Cooling Capacity: 4700 W
  •  Power Input: 1700 W

Sharp AH-AP18NMT Split AC Price – Rs. 36,490/-

  • Capacity- 1.5 ton
  • Star rating: 3 star
  • Cooling Capacity: 5200 W
  •  Power Input: 1750 W

Sharp AH-AP18NHT Split AC Price – Rs. 41,990/-

  • Capacity- 1.5 ton
  • Star rating: 5 star
  • Cooling Capacity: 5300 W
  •  Power Input: 1560 W

Sharp AH-XP24MV Split AC Price – Rs. 60,990/-

  • Capacity- 2 ton
  • Cooling Capacity: 600 W
  •  Power Input: 1900 W
  • Refrigerant R410A

Sharp AU-X3M24LV Inverter Multi Split AC Price – Rs. 93,373/-

  • Capacity- 2 ton
  • Cooling Capacity: 700W
  •  Power Input: 1940 W
  • Refrigerant R410A

Blue Star Air Conditioners

Blue Star Provides air conditioners for multiple purpose including central air conditioners and room air conditioners. The room air conditioners are available as different types. They are star rated window ACS, split ACS, cassette air conditioners, verticool split ACS, concealed split ACS etc. Their products are highly qualified and specially made for corporate, commercial and residential needs. Inverter split AC offers User-friendly wireless remote for ease of operation, and available in 1.5, 2 TR. Mega split Ac includes Blue Star wall-mounted mega split AC.  It features Three Phase Advantage, Active Carbon Filter, Dust Filter, Anti-corrosive Blue Fin Copper Condenser, Hydrophilic Blue Evaporator Fins etc. Another special category star rated hi-wall AC which has special features like BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) confirmed star rate, high performance cooling and low electricity bills.

Blue Star Split AC New models

Bluestar HNHW24CA 2 Ton R410A DC Inverter Split Air Conditioner

  • Price Rs.59,600/-
  • High efficiency rotary compressor
  • Auto Restart, Bacteria Filter
  • Capacity: 2 ton

Bluestar HNHW18CA 1.5Ton R410A DC Inverter Split Air Conditioner

  • Price Rs.47,900/-
  • Capacity: 1.5 ton
  • Star rating : 3
  • Hot and cold inverter type
  • Bacteria Filter

Blue Star 2HW24RB2 Split 2.0 Ton AC

  • Price Rs. 38,160/-
  • Capacity: 2 ton
  • Star rating : 2
  • Auto Restart with Memory Backup
  • Bio / Active / Dust Filter, ON/OFF Timer

Blue Star 2HW12RB2 Split 1.0 Ton AC

  • Price Rs. 25,705/-
  • Star rating : 2
  • Capacity: 1 ton
  • Bio / Active / Dust Filter, Sleep mode
  • Turbo cooling, 4 fan speed

Blue Star 5HW12ZBG Split 1.0 Ton AC Price is Rs. 31,062/-

  • Capacity: 1 ton
  • Star rating : 5
  • Anti-Freeze Thermostat, Air Flow Direction Control
  • Catechin / Silver Ion / Anti – Bacterial / Anti – Acarien / Active Carbon / Vitamin C / Dust Filter


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    whirlpool is the best split air conditioner in india i think. because in some sites whirlpool reviews shows that it is the powerful and best split air conditioner in india in the year 2012. As per my recent study related to indian market and especially banglore and mumbai market, whirlppol makes very big role in split ac. Samsung Split air conditioners also will come to front and samsung ac also we can add in the list of top 10 split air conditioners in india as per the price and its availability in market. After sales service also very good.

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    Please do not go for Hitachi and be away from it for god’s sake.

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    Go for any 5 star product if your usage is high. If not, a 3 star is ok.

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    How to calculate the AC five star rating ?

  25. malay doshi says:

    before purchase a c what should we check (about company or stars)?

    • 1, First you have to check the after sale service of particular company and service centers location
      2, If energy star rating is high, It will save the electricity. It is not depend the product quality
      3, Check the correct tonnage before buying AC (Tonnage is measurement of room volume). If it is incorrect, Ac won’t work properly.
      4, Check the warranty time of the components

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    Samsung is providing good support for their AC….

  27. 1 – voltas
    2 – L.G
    3 – hitachi
    4 – panasonic
    5 – whirpool

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    Onida AC’s are the best

  29. Anonymous says:

    Daikin, Hitachi, Blue Star, Voltas, samsung, Godrej, Panasonic, LG

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    Nice products.

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    I think samsong A/C splitt machine is worst as I purchased it on 2009 ,each year some difficulties
    arises -now circuit board is damaged ,but cannot purchased a new one-have to repair it–customer care
    is not responding but after repeated contact send one expert who telling it’s circuit board is not available in market,have to give order it to company then it may come–after how long time i may get it cannot tell

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    for all,OG,panasonic,blue star are best ac.

  39. blue star 1 & only


  41. I want to know the best AC for domestic purpose for 1.5 ton capacity

  42. As per my experience of 16 years usage of AC,I insist on 3 brans blue star,whirlpool and LG.

    Taking into consideration

    maintenance service
    value for money (cooling capacity)
    Power consumption

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  47. Sharp ac best brand

  48. Use less where is Panasonic, Blue Star, GE, etc brands …. Samgung and LG has worst quality

  49. Daikin brand is best….the quality is mind blowing…

    • If u want to buy quality a/c then choose Sharp Inverter A/c. Iam using it from last 4 years it really amazing cooling performes

  50. bhupendra patel says:

    I am planning to buy split AC. sugggest me top 3 brands between 30-50 k

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    You said that exceptionally well!

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    Very good advice, Kudos.

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    Nicely put, Thanks.

  54. as per all the comments i have decided to go for BLUE STAR or whirl pool or LG.if anybody has different comments on the same pls share it.

  55. As per my knowledge Godrej also you can have a look, now a days you can’t get a Five Star 1.5 ton AC for aorund 34k in any other brands, i bought it for 34k and its fine so far.

  56. krishna kant says:

    Carrier is best ac in the market we all know in the complex or malls look around is only carrier , it is the 1st company launch in ac , so I suggest go for carrier.

  57. finally i choose Daikin ac

  58. Best is o general , whether split or window , hitachi was the first who invented AC , but in Dubai people use o general , see you are also in a desert

  59. Crictime says:

    Hi bro. I am planning for Sharp Inverter 1.1 Ton AC. I read some review on internet, it has mixed positive to negative reviews, on one site its rated 2/5. But one dealer in my area recommended this AC as better than any Panasonic and Samsung AC.

    Whats your recommendation. ?

    Should I go for it?

    • I am using Sharp 1.1 ton Inverter AC in top floor room Model: AH-X13PET (INV). It is best AC i ever seen because it we can use like “FAN”. Dont worry about current charge because Sharp Inverter AC consuming very low power. So dont go for other 5 Star rated AC’s. The inverter AC is very good. My Model is using copper coils so it is durable. Aluminum coil Inverter AC’s are also available for cheap rate. Better Copper coil but price is littele high.

  60. I am looking for a good quality A.C within 30k for 1 ton split. And I have zeroed in on Godrej Eon which is coming exactly in the same price. They are also usuing Japanese compressor and copper coils so please advise if it would be a good choice.

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