Top 5 Best Fridge – Refrigerator Brands in India

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Buying a home appliance from the market becomes prudent to us decide what should we actually buy? Depending upon wide ranges of choices size, features, space all are important factors to be considered. During a short period of  interval a new fridge model with  new adds-on designs arrives in the market. Selecting and purchasing a refrigerator is often more complicated depending on design, features, and affordability. There are simple – direct cool, cyclical and frost-free refrigerator. Direct cooling  are single door refrigerators and frost-free refrigerators arrives with  double and multiple doors. Some of the best fridges available in the market are listed below.

 LG Refrigerator

LG Refrigerator

LG provides you refrigerator with latest innovative techniques with basic health guards. it is now arriving with it’s new LG sided by side refrigerator with Wonder door having four step purification system, LG’s double door refrigerator designed with healthiest technology, the world’s first green ion door cooling technology preserving freshness upto 2.5 times longer. Single storage refrigerator having stylish,healthier enhancements  having star features like icemaking  Vitamin Plus, Works without stabilizer, New Blossom Patterns, Freeze & Cook Box and Beauty & Care Box.

Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung offers superior cooling technique for storage of food which is nicely tuned for fulfilling your hunger. Embedded with an outstanding design will make it more delightful. The hinges are slick covered simple, clean looking, scrupulous design is well enhanced for providing  long lasting beauty. It’s direct cooling technology will operate in higher fluctuation voltage as low as 135V and as high as 290V. It is highly energy efficient. Besides these it’s direct cool fresh kit  absorbs bad odour in refrigerator thus keeping fridge odour free and food products fresh and healthy.

Whirlpool Refrigerator

Whirlpool Refrigerator

Whirlpool refrigerator is having a unique 6th sense frosting control technology.It has e-light means when power goes off it still works. It has health guard door. The veg fresh crisper technology will keep 10 time more moisture capacity thus enhancing vegetables and fruits much fresher for longer time. There is no need of stabilizer. It makes ice quickly and also has anti-fungal gasket keeping the germs at bay. The e-lighting capacity enables uninterrupted lightning during power cut-off powered with Ni-Cd auto chargeable battery.

Godrej Refrigerator

Godrej Refrigerator

Godrej refrigerator  is introducing new edge pro refrigerator offering 6 star performance like maximum energy efficiency upto 15% compared to other 5 star refrigerators. ‘Designed by curiosity’ it is designed concerning consumer preferences and aspiring values. It has been a leading manufacturer since 8-9 years. It’s Edge pr technology is just what you are all looking for next.  The consumers are looking for more than simple cooling; advanced freshness, health concerns, storage efficiency, energy savings and stylish exteriors to match their discerning lifestyles.

Kelvinator Refrigerator

Kelvinator Refrigerator

Kelvinator is one of the leading refrigerator brand . The direct cooling is the biggest revenue it offers to the market having strong resonance to users. Ranging from Direct cooling to Frost free refrigerators is offered by Kelvinator. It consists a new range of Power Cool Refrigerators in both Direct Cool & Frost Free segment, Kelvinator takes cooling technology to give you Fresh & Healthy food. It offers  complete package brand for your Home Appliances.





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  1. i prefer Whirlpool Refrigerator. because Whirlpool in market for the last several years. and i am hearing this name since my birth…

    • Anonymous says:

      Good list

    • Whirlpool has the worst customer service and quality. My fridge in just 2.5 years has its outer paint peeling off and the thermostat in the fridge got spoiled twice already, once just a month after it was bought and again in 8 months.


    I am in search for 170 to 190 lits refrigerator for best price, performance, electricity saving, it should work without stabilizer, price rangeing from Rs. 9000 to 12000.

    kindly help me to get this in top Brand with Models preferably.

  3. Whirlpool is the best refrigerator in india. I have Whirlpool fridge

    • Anonymous says:

      nonsense..if it works for wil say its good…..the daywe purchased 3 years back, we are facing so much problems in whirlpool refridgerator…..stop misleading people..Also very very bad services, if we make a complaint, those service peoples take their own time in attending the issue….hectic

      • niti handa says:

        hey ! i don’t know about experience but my experience about whirlpool is very good.i have whirlpool fridge from last 6 years and washing machine from last 1 year .i am having no problem and customers support is also very good.they reach almost on time at your home.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just because you had bad experience doesn’t mean others too should have the same exp.

    • I had a bad experience with Whirlpool and wont suggest anyone to buy Whirlpool refrigerator.

  4. buy only five star refrigerator it will save a lot of power. best refrigerator in india 2012 is Godrej refrigerator 5 star.

  5. From this top fridge list i found good one…thanks..

  6. Which refrigerator brand is good in energy saving ?

  7. Best fridge brands is good post

  8. Shankar says:

    Thanks for the post about refrigerators

  9. Sumeeth says:

    Fridge stored food is not good… This is bad habit..

  10. What is frost button in Fridge ?

  11. I don’t like old foods.. Even it stored fridge also…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Refrigerator Brands in India is good post…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Which one is best

  14. LG is w***t in service. I purchased a double door frost free refrigerator one and half yearback.
    It is now not cooling. LG says it is not repairable. The model is defective.
    Replacement will take long time. Long waiting in hot season. Service manager rarely or almost never picks up phone.

    • Anonymous says:

      same problem comes with me..they ddnt pick up their phone… i hv suffr frm this problem…
      lg is not good…

      • Vikram Raj says:

        How many company refrigirators did u use mister Anonymous???????
        You told u used Whirlpool, U are using Samsung,, not to buy Panasonic Refrigirator now u r saying that u used LG also and its not good at providing service. U Buy a new Refrigirator Every year or what. PLease stop Promoting Samsung. I do support that samsung is also a good company, But i don’t agree to u That ONLY samsung is a good company. Please Don’t misguide a common man.
        ——Vikram raj

  15. Anonymous says:

    Godrej Refrigerator is best… Last 7 years i am using this without any problems…

    • S.K. thakur says:

      I think godrej having very poor service and bad quality. Because i bought 3 years back godrej refrigerator and from the day one this referigrater never cooled and in a one year 5-6 times their people visited to my place and every times they filled gas and after 15-20 days referigrater comes back on same mode. After one year they started to charge me for servce and the referigrator which i purchased did not work for a month.

  16. Good post…

  17. Anonymous says:

    take electrolux

  18. drdp singh says:

    I want a fridge 2feet 9 inches height . not more then this

  19. anil nair says:

    which one firdge is the best fridge in india to buy ? can you help me to identify one worthful company

  20. ram vilas maurya says:

    LG Refrigerator is best… Last 7 years i am using this without any problems…

  21. Anonymous says:

    In above best refrigerators list, I like samsung Refrigerator… Samsung is going to launch the android fridge soon…

  22. Anonymous says:

    Above given all Refrigerators are Good models… Like it…

  23. Anonymous says:

    All are leading Fridge Brands in India

  24. Fridges are most valuable in kitchen….. I*am using samsung fridge

  25. Never buy Whirlpool. Repaired it two times in 3 years and the Service is pathetic.

  26. How to find the energy star rate of the fridges ? Is there any way to measure this efficiency ?

  27. Can anybody comment on HITACHI Refrigerators

  28. Videocon “JetMatic” is the one I am using since 1994. Only one time we had some issue.. Excellent one.. I dont know the present market condition of Videocon and its after sales. If aftersales is still good, then thinking of buying it again!

    • Yes i also have good experience from Videocon… Good Fridge..

      • I have purchased a Videocon Fridge, When unpacked it has no adjuster bolt (company forgot to fit one! but rectified next fay) Few days later, door handle loosened (Rectified) after few months the glass top over veg. tray broken itself (rectified myself) After warranty period is over, gas leaked-no cooling ( rectified with service charge Rs. 1400/-) then defrost storage bowl burned ( rectified Rs. 300/-) On June 22, 2013 there was a burst sound, cooling stopped ( enough is enough – I am selling it for scrap price Rs. 200/- contact me if you are looking for a beautiful cupboard)

  29. Anonymous says:

    I/m planning to Buy HITACHI Fridge, can anybody have experience on this ?

  30. Anonymous says:

    We wouldnt go to a shop and say we need a LG refrigerator. We need to know the exact model, at least the features.

  31. Anonymous says:

    All Refrigerator Brands in India are good

  32. anubhav says:

    I am using LG and doing good.

  33. Samsung Contact center not reachable. Service staff not customer friendly [atleast in Noida]. Takes atleast 7 days to resolve…issues repeat…

  34. I have Whirlpool Refrigerator,videocon,n samsung also……all are waste of money…services of company not proper..tired frm all these…nw going for LG..lets what result comes out..

  35. I want to buy refrigerator but i am too much confused that what brand we buy ….I dont no more about all brand. I need refrigerator which is having less power consumption and good service felicity.

    Guys ..Could you help me.


  36. Maneeth says:

    Five star rated refrigerators are good… It only take less power …

  37. i bought 310 liters whirlpool refrigerator four years back, n now its not cooling n the serviceperson is saying the spare part required is not available since the company has stopped manufacturing the same model, and i have no option than to buy a new one,never go for whirlpool , worse service and worst performing fridge

  38. Kelvinator is the best we have 5 kelvinator refrigerator in our family & friend circle it is running from 18 to 22 years having no problem.


  40. Akash Jain says:

    The worst Freeze if LG with poor Service and non availability of spares.

  41. mahmood says:

    BPL ..using it since 13no problem till date ….very good …still looks new …very satisfied …

  42. manish bhardwaj says:

    godrej is best fredge i using 2 year

  43. Anonymous says:

    who r talking WHIRLPOOL are bad surely having a problem in communicating. Whirlpool is certainly most trusted brand in India and dey dont fool out of d people coining insane terms like LG does.

    They have dedicated customer service support too. I will never trust LG and GODREJ.

    Samsung is again an excellent brand. Just look at their presence and technology in all the domains they work. Be it a television, washing machine, mobiles, etc..

    LG has only one thing to offer to people which is Low Price tag.

    Electrolux is again a fantastic innovation oriented company and they are in the field before all of these companies.

    • I don’t know about others but I swear that Whirlpool refrigerators are certainly not suitable for North Indian Territories – and i came to learn this in a very bad way. My first one was Whirlpool, America’s No1 brand and the performance was pathetic given the voltage ranges in unauthorised colonies of Delhi way back in 1993. The compressor won’t start under low voltage conditions. Anyway our second one was again Whirlpool Genius. There were several issues with it. Main concern was the bulb which never lasted more than 15 days. The service people never found any clue and then we continued without bulb. secondly the thermostat became faulty………to sum up whirlpool is not good. LG is certainly not a choice for budget refrigerators. presently we are having Godrej since the last 7 years without any issue. I don’t intend to suggest any particular brand but i disown Whirlpool and LG.

  44. I had a kelvinater fridge , i used it for 24 yrs. when it stopped working i bought an LG fridge and using it for 12 yrs. I m happy about that. Then i had to buy another extra fridge. I opted for a Kenstar fridge. REALLY disappointed. I need a new fridge. It should be double door, power efficient and good inside capacity. price should be below 20000/- which is the best one available in India

  45. LG
    PANASONIC are best in its class

  46. How is Kelvinator Refrigerator

  47. Main problems of Refrigerators are compressor fault. I think all companies compressors are same quality.

  48. I want to buy 300lt fridge which is best pls help me

  49. sujata bose says:

    i bought a samsung 2 door fridge, its 2 yrs an no proper cooling .today i deceided to change from me never buy samsung

  50. almas husain says:

    Whirlpool is the worst refrigerator in my opinion as, it’s been repaired 05 times in 07 yrs of it’s purchase,please don’t buy this,pls

  51. Hi everyone, I had a 1990 model voltas fridge which recently stopped working. I’ll tell you all my experiences with different companies. We had a hirlpool washingmachine which had 8 repairs in 10 years which .means almost like once in a year.. Their servicemen did service ok for a couple of years and after 4 years they said the model is a old one so we can’t provide any service. Whirlpool is a good mamufacturer but their products don’t long last and service is average. I bought onida DVD player and it stopped working within a week, their service is poorest of all and their products are faulty. 10 years ago,.I had to buy a basic 21 inch tv. I was worried cause I had bad experiences with aiwa and bpl.. I bbought an LG tv and believe it or not, I have moved home from Bangalore to Pune 5 times and even today I did not call customer care even once. I have put it in my back seat without packing to save space, loaded other things on top of it, went to many villages because of job.. Not a single repair. 5 years ago I.bought microwave from LG, again the sake experience.. It was dirty like he’ll, but not a single repair. If you want a lifelong companion, go for LG products. I haven’t had much experience with Samsung so can’t comment. Today I am buying LG washing machine and fridge, I’m very sure it will continue to be q great experience. Cheers to LG.

  52. LG is soon becoming maruti Suzuki of appliance market in India. Just like maruti cars, reliable, durable, cost effective, customer centric… Super company.

  53. kollurupadmavathi says:

    Hai,I want to buy good powersaver washing machine plz suggst me

  54. I bought whirlpool 310liter refrigerate.. its very superb.. and whirlpool is no.1 world refrigerate.. so must buy whirlpool models.. service is not bad..

  55. I am in search for 170 to 240 litres refrigerator for best price, performance, electricity saving, it should work without stabilizer, price rangeing from Rs. 9000 to 18000.

    kindly help me to get this in top Brand with Models preferably.

  56. Which brand most effective in refrigerator purchase,like a best value of money refrigerator.

  57. Hello All. I read all the reviews above. But till now there hasn’t been any conclusion of the best fridge. Actually no one can 100% tell which is the best. All brands are good; however, it totally depends on your luck. After all they are electronics items and have tendency to break down, some sooner some later.
    I have been using godrej since 22 years and haven’t had a single issue till now. But my friend bought godrej 2 years ago and started having issues recently. So, for me godrej is awesome bit for him is bad. But we cannot conclude of godrej is actually good or bad. It’s all luck.

  58. i had gone through all comments….within an hour i had to buy a new one..all of you had confused me……anyway we had found out one brand godrej edge pro…if i am lucky,….it will wok well..

  59. Anonymous says:


  60. Anonymous says:

    Samsung is largest selling brand but other compnies are still struglling

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