Top 10 Best Online Payment Gateways In India

For operating an e-commerce website, online payment gateway is required for collecting the funds on website concerned to some products and services for the payment made by customers. Such payment gateways are beneficial for paying money easily without inessential troubles. The following are the important types of online payment gateways.

CC Avenue

CC Avenue

It processes on almost all types of cards, and also allows bank transferability and USD payment. At present ccavenue is not an expensive mode of gateway. CCAvenue  is a gateway is the largest payment gateway in India with lowest processing rates and vast number of payment options with comparing to other gateways. Morethan 100 payment options are available in ccavenue gateway. CCavenue is considered as the best and trusted company in cash dealings. CCAvenue  provides  secure link(SSL) in between the websites, various Credit Card issuing authorities, leading Banks and the payment gateway providers.  Another noted feature of CCAvenue is real time payment transaction validation for various Credit Cards, net banking, debit cards, cash cards and mobile payments.



Transecute is a payment gateway is the most liked gateway which everyone likes to prefer as the service it offers. The Transecute payment does not charge fees or withdrawing charges. The charges prefixed for the transaction is about 5% which can be benifitted through master and visa cards. It is processed within 15 days and one can withdraw weekly. If the transaction is countermanded  it will also refund the tax which has been collected.



EBS is compact,authentic providing inexpensive plans to gateway services . EBS is further accumulated with divisional plans comprised of discounts. Also we can select from customer plans supported with your necessities.



Paypal is one of the important gateway. The person dealing with international clients are benefitted through such type of gateway. It also offers currency conversion facility,cost of transaction with providing additional fees as it does not link with Indian currency.



DirectPay is a fast and efficient mode of gateway. Such gateway also offers money for configuration and to set up retail stores based on the money you pay.

ICICI Payseal

ICICI payseal

ICICI Payseal initiated by ICICI bank hence it’s transaction fees is much low. Integrated with Java technology it requires long time for creating an agreement.

ABC Payments

ABC Payments

ABCpayments is an IndiaMart gateway. It accepts online bank transfers, credit cards and prepaid cash card payments from  customer . Besides these it also provides free shopping carts, invoice management etc.


paysignet online payment

Paysignet is most reliable among all national and international cards but it requires to pay for the facilities it offers. For setting up an account one needs to pay half of the amount. And the another half amount is paid at the time of website making .

HDFC Payment Gateway

hdfc bank payments

It is launched by HDFC bank It’s services are yet authentic and the application is processed within 3 weeks. The payment fees is of 3.5-6%.



Indiapay accepts all cards which offers collecting payments from international payments. Besides this it also supports comprehensive API and manages fraud and risks.

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  1. Informative article, totally what I needed. Thanks..

    • Hey guys,
      does anybody know a good gateway for herbal supplements for men? As it seems like it’s a bit sensitive topic and I’m struggling to find the one which would approve the website.

  2. Ahammed says:

    I think good is paypal… We can trust this company..

  3. Bhishm Singh says:

    BuyTechDeals. com (a Deal site which offers discounts on softwares/platforms) – has good offers for payment gateway.

    • prabhat tiwari says:

      I am looking for a gatway to charge my US and Canada customers.


      • kindly provide your contact details to discuss in detail for your requirement.

        Thanks & Regards
        Shimoni Sanghvi

        • hi iam looking for gateway to charge my oversees clients …kindly call to discuss in details


        • Hi,

          We are looking for payment gateways in India for our overseas clients. Any help would be much appreciated.

          Thank you

          • CharanJ says:

            EBS is a pioneer to associate with multiple acquiring Banks for providing Payment Gateway services to offer Master, Visa, AMES, JCB, Diners, Net Banking & Cash Card brands on a single platform. Once you place the order your gateway will activated in 24 hours.

  4. thankyou bhai for giving proper direction about best online payment gateways in our india. ccavanue is my choice. They are great service provider. better speed payment.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Best Online Payment Gateways is good post

  6. Payment Gateway says:

    Indeed a nice post and I really like reading High Risk and Off Shore Merchant Accounts, Payment Gateway Services related stuff on the web. You have beautifully explained the importance and updated news on the Payment Gateway Services. Keep up the nice posting.

    • Vishal Rajput says:

      thank you for giving proper direction about best online payment gateways ,Informative article

  7. We are looking for payment gateway for mocdoc .in we heard payu is good – any issue with them?, what about axis bank payment gateway? Please let us know.

  8. CCAvenue found more better than all. very speed payment gateway in India.

  9. Anonymous says:

    CCAvenue is top in world…

  10. Anonymous says:

    CCAvenue is top in world..

  11. Anonymous says:

    All are good.

  12. CCAvenue has the highest success rate. I have used many others, but have found CCAvenue to be the best. More payment options best success rate.

  13. Pratyush Gaur says:

    Times of Money Payment Gateway. Part of Times Group. 5 Credit Cards, All Indian Debit Cards and 36 Net Banking options. 9 Banks EMI.

  14. CCavanue is the best payment gateway in India..

  15. shamsher rawal says:

    wo says that pay pal is a good one,.. i dont think so…
    i am still confused which payment gateway to use.. plese suggest which is to be trusted.

  16. Jessica Mendez says:

    Atom payments (Atomtech . in) is also best payment in india. They offer payment facilities over Internet, IVR, Mobile Applications and POS using Credit/debit card, net banking; cash/prepaid cards and IMPS with various sectors spanning across Government , Utility, BFSI, DTH, Education, Entertainment, Retail, Travel and Tourism, Telecom and Subscription space.

  17. Sambhrant says:

    Zaakpay is the best Payment Gateway in India with 50 banks, all cards and even Mobile Payments. They are also funded by Sequoia Capital.

  18. I prefer CC Avenue because they are providing good service

  19. Thanks for the info.
    Is there a limit or % of transacted value as a processing fee as prescribed by the RBI to the payment gateway service providers. Whenever an online transaction is made a transaction fee/ convenience charge levied on it. Hence wanted to know if there is any guidelines to charge it.

  20. CC Avenue is provide a good services..My option is CC Avenue

  21. Vikas Mishra says:

    I am amazed that no one know about billdesk… the most widely used payment gateway in india.

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Can U say what are the Transactions of this websites wud charge

  24. Ccaveue is best payment gateway.

  25. Hi this side amit mishra am loking a gateway but am starting a new work from home so tall me a rit option. And gateway providor number and esay to way

  26. If you are looking for a plugnplay payment gateway you can try payupaisa

  27. all is good

  28. I am new to payment gateway. can any body suggest me r payment gateway solution for Electricity Bill payment. How this will be done

  29. annonymous says:

    well i think zaakpay payment gateway should be on the top of the list amongst all gateway. for quick approval and better deal…

  30. Anindhar K says:

    we can simply choose an ECommerce payment gateway For sales. This should be for within the India. e-commerce payment gateway is very very important for online sales. About me, it is ccavenue i think it is good.

  31. You can try out fethr… fethr lets any merchant start accepting payments in less than 3 days all you need to do is register on fethr ,submit the online activation form and choose your payment app start accepting payments. fethr currently supports all major Master Visa credit and debitcards and netbanking of 8 major banks.

  32. Thankyou for providing the list of Most Popular Online Payment Gateways in India. I will keep in mind this always because this popular list is very very useful for me. I am going to start a e-commerce business and now i am finding the best online payment gateway available in India. So thanks a lot bro.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Payu,citrus, Paytm are my favorite

  34. I am very much satisfied to give us the list of Top 5 Payment Processing Gateways in India and this list payment gateway providers in india is very very useful to me and my company. I opted ccavenue as my next payment gateway. thanks a lot sir.

  35. Athul arjan says:

    Kindly help me to choose an ecommerce payment gateway for my new domain. I am Athul Arjan from surat.

  36. i am looking for a payment gateway for job portal…like resume selling….can you plz tell me which payment is best for me in resume selling process….

  37. Kuldeep Singh says:

    Hello Friends. Please suggest me a good payment gateway for my VoIP and calling card business
    to accept the payments from overseas. I am not a registered business in anywhere.
    A helping suggestion will be highly appreciable.

  38. Dont go for CC Avenue.. most pathetic service ever seen. They will in touch with u till the time u need gateway once u registr with them none of their peopl will bother about u ….

  39. Janu aggarwal says:

    Launch your own branded payment gateway.

  40. milap ramavat says:

    i need a payment gateway for my establishment which provides services in overseas countries. suggest me with best

  41. Prabhakaran tanuja says:

    i like payu gateway as a best online gateway in india

  42. shailendra says:

    i need a payment gateway for my resume services

  43. You should add paymentz . com to the list too.

  44. i like ccavenue. thats good payment gateway ever in India

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