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Top 10 Best Electric Scooters and Bikes-Price in India, Brands

Best Electric Scooters

Best Electric Scooters in India – Review

Why you should choose an electric vehicle over petrol or diesel powered two wheeler/commuter? The reasons and advantages are so many, that is why we have listed Top 10 Best Electric Scooters and Bikes available here with Price in India, Brands and models details. If you are searching for a mileage two wheeler and your need is only limited travelling of few kilometers per day, hope this article may help you. 

Advantages of E Bikes/Scooters

There are technical, economical and ecological advantages associated with using an electric bike or scooter for you. You can save the money you pay for fuel without any change in your electricity bill.

Technically, e bikes are packed with Simple construction and thus enables Ease of control and High dynamic response. Great points are its High efficiency, High reliability and Noiseless operation. You can enjoy Better speed Vs Torque characteristics with e bike. 

The most important advantage aspect of every electric vehicle is for out environment and nature. These vehicles create no pollution or harm to nature or humans by exhausting harmful gases and chemical. Buy an electric vehicle and save future by avoiding all  CO2 and other greenhouse gases. 


1. Hero electric

Hero electric is one among the leading electric bikes company in India with great number of vehicles offers good range. It is a part of Hero – the company is well known for most renowned and trusted name worldwide. Hero electric founded in 2007 headquartered at New Delhi, India to produce quality electric bikes.

Hero offers three different categories of products for customers:-

High Range E-Bikes:

Hero High range electric bikes list includes Maxi, Cruz, Optima plus, Wave DX and Zion. These bikes/scooters are eco friendly and coast effective electric bikes. These are pollution free and economical viable. You can choose one with noise free battery powered electric two wheeler for your daily commuting needs. 

Key Features

  • Top speed of 25 km/h
  • Range upto 70 km/charge
  • No License
  • No Registration

High Speed E-Bikes:

Hero high speed electric scooters are Photon and E-Sprint. They can offer Top speed of 45 km/h. These bikes assures Range upto 50 Km (Power Mode) & 80 km (Economy Mode)/charge. The figure are quiet impressive for a daily user while comparing with the increased fuel price of petrol and diesel. 

Key Features

  • Top speed of 45 km/h
  • Range upto 50 Km (Power Mode) & 80 km (Economy Mode)/charge

Electric Cycles:

Now, Hero offers two attractive electric cycles for customers, specially for school and college going students. These are packed with options for New age & ultra modern way of city commutes. Avior AFX and Avior AMX are these two cycles. 

Key Features

  • Top speed of 25km/hr
  • Range upto 30km/charge

Ex-Showroom Price (Mumbai) of All Hero Bikes

  • Maxi -Starts At Rs. 36,490
  • Zion -Starts At Rs. 37,990
  • Optima Plus -Starts At Rs. 38,990
  • Wave Dx-Starts At Rs. 40,150
  • Cruz -Starts At Rs. 40,490
  • E-Sprint– Starts At Rs. 45,490
  • Photon -Starts At Rs. 52,790

Yo Bikes

2. Yo Bikes

Yo Bykes offers wonderful range of E Bike Models in India at an affordable price. Their products packed with highest configuration electric bike technology for Indian customers. You can choose with trust from this Gujarat-based two-wheeler maker’s range.

Light-weight design and resemblance of counterparts as petrol powered vehicles are the top features. Currently they have good number of models E bikes in India. Yo Electron, Yo Speed, Style ER, Yo Xplor, Yo Spark, Yo Xplorer, Yo Style, Yo Exl are the famous models electric scooters and bikes from Yo bike.

These products comes with large under seat storage space and mobile charging point. Available in attractive shades of black, blue and white, purple, blue and red. Style is the compact, eco-friendly electric scooter made by YO Bykes and you can enjoy ride without registration and number plate. 

Ex-Showroom Price (Mumbai) of All Yo Bikes

  • Electron ER -Starts At Rs. 36,937
  • Style -Starts At Rs. 37,675
  • Xplor -Starts At Rs. 38,978
  • Spark -Starts At Rs. 46,594
  • EXL -Starts At Rs. 50,171

BSA Motors

3. BSA Motors

BSA motors is another major electric bikes manufacturer in India. The company has many models of E bikes in India. This is said to be a major industrial combine that produces bicycles, scooter and accessories,  A flagship company of Murugappa Group. 

TI Cycles of India ( Tube Investments of India) is currently manufacturing and distributing BSA brand Bicycles are currently in India. Their electric powered motor scooters carrying BSA trademark. BSA Motors is currently, the two-wheeler subsidiary Tube Investment of India.

These scooters are very famous in  south-India and spreading to north. Among this  most famous models are BSA rider, BSA fusion and BSA roamer. These bikes are bellowing 100cc and easy to use without registration and number plate.  

Ex-Showroom Price of All BSA Bikes

  • Bsa Motors Street Rider -Rs. 29,000
  • Bsa Motors Smile -Rs. 27,760
  • Bsa Motors Diva -Rs. 29,000
  • Bsa Motors Fusion -Rs. 32,000



4. EKO

Eko is a Bangalore based Indian bike producing company. They are manufacturing good quality electric bikes in India. The company also promotes environmental awareness and pollution and noise prevention measures. Recently launched two models are EKO EV60 and EKO COSMIC. 

Eko Ev60 powered by 3Phase PWM Electronic Three Speed Controller engine and makes BLDC Hub Motor: 800 Watts, 60 Volts. 777 RPM power. The scooter offers self start and available in red color. For safety there is Front-Telescopic Hydraulic, Rear-Hydraulic suspension. It also ets Front -Hydraulic Disc Brake, Rear-Internally expanding Drum Brakes. 

Eko Cosmic is another famous E bike with self start and blue color option. Technically, 60cc displacement, Electronic Switch ignition and Electric Charged engine type available. Gear box is Automatic and offers 50kmpl mileage. Suspension used is, Front Telescopic Hydraulic, Rear Hydraulic. 

Ex-Showroom Price of All EKO Bikes

  • EKO Cosmic -Rs. 23,000
  • EKO EV60 -Rs. 21,000



5. Indus Yo

Indus Yo Spin available in Yellow,Grey colors and features self starting. Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor engine used to offer Less than 250 W BHP@RPM power. It returns 55 kmpl mileage after 6 to 8 Hours charging. 

Indus Yo Smart electric scooter available in Yellow,White,Sky Blue,Silver Metallic,Red colors. It features Self Start and powered by Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor to make Less than 250 W BHP@RPM power. Returns 75 kmpl mileage after 6 to 8 Hours charging

Indus Yo Speed is another electric scooter with Self Start option and available in pink color. Powered by BLDC Hub engine to offer 750 Watt BHP@RPM power. 75 kmpl mileage offered after 6 to 8 Hours charging. 

Ex-Showroom Price of All Indus Yo Bikes

  • Indus Yo Spin -Rs. 26,000
  • Indus Yo Smart -Rs. 28,350
  • Indus Yo Speed -Rs. 36,500


6. GoGreen BOV ebikes

GoGreen BOV ebikes launched range of latest Electric Scooters in India for affordable price range. GoGreen BOV ebikes offers India’s first e-bike with a range of 120 Kms per charge. India’s first e-bike with a range of 120 Kms per charge. GoGreen BOV Electric Scooters currently available in 4 models. Kohra, Kimaya, Kavach and Sunnoti. 

Ex-Showroom Price of All GoGreen BOV E-Scooters

  • GoGreen BOV Kohra    :Rs. 38000/-
  • GoGreen BOV Kimaya  :Rs. 47000/- 
  • GoGreen BOV Kavach  :Rs. 53000/-
  • GoGreen BOV Sunnoti 60kms    : Rs. 44000/-
  • GoGreen BOV Sunnoti 100kms  : Rs. 59500/-  

Romai e-scooters

7. Romai e-scooters

Romai is a Shanghai Minyuan Group founded in 1996. The company ROMAI Electric Vehicles Co., Ltd. offering range of products with strong quality and high efficiency. This is one of the greatest producers in China. The company uses great technology in their e-scooters. 

Now Romai e-scooters – Bikes becoming so popular and most wanted in India too. The available e-scooters are many and list includes Romai RS06, Romai RS05, Romai RS04, Romai RS03, Romai RS02, Romai RS01, Romai RM01, Romai RM02, Romai Rm03 and Romai RM04.

The motor is used in this bike are featured by Hall sensor commutation, Motor speed measurement, Potentio meter-adjustable motor speed etc.  The controller in this e bikes are made specially for Protection logic for over-voltage. The batteries and recharger of this scooters are powerful. The Romai uses lead-acid battery.

Ex-Showroom Price of All Romai Scooters

  • Romai RS06
  • Romai RS05
  • Romai RS04
  • Romai RS03
  • Romai RS02
  • Romai RS01
  • Romai RM01
  • Romai RM02
  • Romai Rm03
  • Romai RM04

Terra A4000i Electric Scooter


8. Terra A4000i Electric Scooter

Terra A4000i Electric Scooter is the upcoming electric vehicle in India.  The scooter comes with many industry first special features. It is expected to be priced Rs. 1,00,000/- and equipped with Wireless, Smartphone connectivity feature. This vehicle offers you impressive 65kmph top attainable speed. 

The motor is a powerful product which is gives you 65km Estimated range after charging. The Terra A4000i Electric Scooter takes About 4.5 hours charging time. This removable and rechargeable battery will be a great use for those in flats and apartment. This is Industry leading long lasting battery of 50,000km. 

Terra A4000i Electric Scooter Price in India: Rs. 1 Lakh Approx

Enigma Creasent

9. Enigma

Enigma Creasent is available with electric start option. The bike powered by PMBLDC,/250 Watts. It can offer 25 Km/hr speed. The scooter packed with Front-Telescopic suspension. Brakes used are Front-Drum-110mm and Rear-Drum-110mm. There is a Maintenance Free, PMBLDC battery. 

Enigma Muscular Available in Red, White, Black, Brown colors. It can offer 25 Km/hr speed and packed with BLDC motor type. Front-Telescopic suspension is used and brakes are Front-Drum-80mm, Rear-Drum-110mm. 

Enigma Intense packed with BLDC engine. It is available in White, Black, Maroon colors and offers 25km/hr speed. Suspension used is Front-Telescopic and brakes includes Front-Drum-80mm, Rear-Drum-110mm. 

Ex-Showroom Price of All Enigma Scooters

  • Enigma Creasent -Rs. 31,500/-
  • Enigma Muscular -Rs. 30,000/-
  • Enigma Intense -Rs. 28,500/-

10. Lectrix


Lectrix E1 available in Cheering Red, Quick Silver, Misty Grey colors. It can offer you 25 Km/H speed and powered by Brushless DC Motor. 250 W is the motor power. Hand operated, Drum Brake 110mm Dia fitted for safety. 

Lectrix E Star also available in Cheering Red, Charming Black and Shining Grey colors. The bike can attain 25 Km/H speed and packed with 250 W motor. Engine of the scooter is Brushless DC type. Suspension used is Spring loaded Hydraulic Damper and brakes fitted in Hand operated, Drum Brake 110mm Dia. 

Ex-Showroom Price of All Lectrix Bikes

  • Lectrix E 1 -Rs. 29,000
  • Lectrix E Star -Rs. 30,000


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