TCS Providing IT Services To Visatra Airlines

Visatra airlines has signed long-term strategic partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for getting broad range of information technology services, including application maintenance services and airport infrastructure support. Visatra now flies to 15 cities, including New Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad and offering nearly 400 flights per week. In May 2 they will add Chandigarh, in northern India as a new destination.


As per the agreement signed TCS will provide a wide range of IT services in the area of IT management, application maintenance and application development to help Vistara for achieving its goal in customer experience, operational excellence and cost leadership.

CEO of Visatra Phee Teik Yeoh said about the partnership is that ” TCS has been assisting visatra since they started their journey and they assisted Visatra in defining their IT strategy, launch innovation platform items, created dashboards and tracking mechanisms to increase transparency and compliance. Both parties have good synergies now , so the expanded partnership will extend many benifits to Visata.

TCS Asia Pacific President Girish Ramachandran also said about this partnership is that ” TCS has further get a chance to show their leadership in airline technology solutions, and they also look forward to working with Vistara to develop the next-generation of innovative digital and IT solutions.

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