Google Docs Supports Voice Typing

Google Docs has achieved a new milestone ie Voice typing, it is the ability to understands words and commands spoken through a desktop computer’s through microphone. So now your fingers can take rest typing, editing and formatting in Google Docs done through the voice commands. It is only works in the desktop version of Chrome, and only with Google Docs not in spreadsheets or other file types.

voice typing

How to activate voice typing the answer is here

First select “Voice typing” from the Tools menu in Google Docs, a popup microphone window should appear and check it is working or not. To tell Google to listen, click the microphone popup or press Ctrl + Shift + S (Cmd + Shift + S on a Mac) on the keyboard. Then selecting the language you want to write.  You can then speak to enter text into a Docs file or to edit or format that text. After you complete the works click microphone again.

If you found any mistake while you’re typing with your voice  you can move your cursor to the mistake and fix it without turning off the microphone and after you correct the mistake, move the cursor back to where you want to continue. You can also add punctuation to your text like comma, exclamation point, question mark, new line, new paragraph and period.

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