GoGreen BOV Electric Scooters

GoGreen BOV Electric Scooters in India – Specifications, Price

GoGreen BOV Electric Scooters in India

GoGreen BOV Electric Scooters Overview

GoGreen BOV ebikes launched range of latest Electric Scooters in India for affordable price range. Now market for electric bikes in India is favorable, as price of these electric bikes are mush low than the petrol powered two wheeler’s. Electric scooters features lots of advantages than conventional bikes and scooters.

Why GoGreen BOV Electric Scooters ?

GoGreen BOV ebikes offers India’s first e-bike with a range of 120 Kms per charge. India’s first e-bike with a range of 120 Kms per charge. The company growing well with sales figure of  over 14000 vehicles and monthly they can sell 1200 vehicles. This is a good option for school and college going boys and girls without risk of over speed and benefits fuel saving. 

 GoGreen BOV Electric Scooter

GoGreen BOV Electric Scooters Short Review

1. GoGreen BOV Kohra

GoGreen BOV Electric Scooters currently available in 4 models. Kohra, Kimaya, Kavach and Sunnoti. First one is GoGreen BOV Kohra: This is a special electrical bike for school going boys and girls. The scooter offers 60km range and priced Rs. 38000/- in India. 

2. GoGreen BOV Kimaya

The second electric scooter is the GoGreen BOV Kimaya. It is the ebike specially made for women. It features load bearing capacity of 160kgs. It is best for people with a closed circuit travel. The bike offers Range 60 Kms. It is Priced Rs. 47000/- in India.

3. GoGreen BOV Kavach

GoGreen BOV Kavach is the third product, best for  field workers. They can take this scooter even though they have  no fixed route of travel. Company claims, this is the only electric scooter in India with 120km range per charge. It is priced Rs. 53000/- in India. 

4. GoGreen BOV Sunnoti

GoGreen BOV Sunnoti is a best scooter usable for delivery of various products and service. It is a  multi faceted vehicle and can be used for family of two with modification for carrying loads. The model again available in two different variants. One is with 60 Kms range and other one is with 100 Kms range. You can choose from orange, red, green, purple and grey colours.

 GoGreen BOV Electric Scooter

GoGreen BOV Electric Scooters Price in India

  • GoGreen BOV Kohra    :Rs. 38000/-
  • GoGreen BOV Kimaya  :Rs. 47000/- 
  • GoGreen BOV Kavach  :Rs. 53000/-
  • GoGreen BOV Sunnoti 60kms    : Rs. 44000/-
  • GoGreen BOV Sunnoti 100kms  : Rs. 59500/- 


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  • Very good bike & feels like purchasing it.just now.kohra is best in looks hope for a motorbike soon.I want to purchase it.I stay in Karwar.how to buy it???

  • I want to purchase GoGreen BOV Kavach or GoGreen BOV Sunnoti 100kms. Because my office is approx. 25 kms from my residence. Which is the best, above mentioned? So, it is requested that, availability and price in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. In this area, service centres are available or not? Please describe? How much cost of the batteries? This is for your kind information and further information please.

  • I want to buy Go Green BOV Sunnoti 100 km for my home use in Kerala. Is this available here in Kerala?