Facebook Released New Tool to Let Users Type in Hindi on Android App

Facebook is well famous in India. Most of the Indian uses Facebook daily. On Monday Facebook released a new tool to let Hindi speakers express themselves in Hindi language (Devanagari script).  The tool is currently available inside the Facebook app for Android phones. When the app setting is turned on, a button is added to the bar where you type updates and comments, which automatically transliterates English characters to Hindi Language.


Facebook said that “we are now rolling out a lightweight Hindi editor inside the Facebook app for Android phones”.

In case users are not happy with the transliteration, it also has an option where you can directly type in devanagari characters directly. In this option you do not have to type in Hindi , but type Hindi in English and Facebook will judge the keyword and make changes and give suggestions, which you can use and the new option will also remember the suggestions you use frequently.

The company also added that there were two major reasons for releasing the new Hindi transliteration. First one is most smartphones do not come with multilingual input feature and the second is while users can download third-party Hindi keyboards for their Android smartphones, they would have to interchange keyboard before typing in Facebook that will also face difficulties.

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