BlackBerry Launches BBM Money Transfer Service With Digitsecure in India

BlackBerry is the global leader in secure mobile communications, they has now launched BBM Money, a payment solution in India. BlackBerry launched BBM in partnership with Digitsecure, a mobility, identity and payments platform company. In 2014 they started money transfer service in Indonesia and now this service is available in India.


HotRemit is a social wallet app developed by Digitsecure and it is available for BlackBerry 10, Android and iOS platform and lets you transfer cash to your BBM contacts instantly and securely. There is no need to buy a BlackBerry phone just to have the option of BBM Money on their smartphone. This service can only be successful at a larger scale if cross-platform money transfer was allowed.

HotRemit permits real-time, secure and seamless digital financial transactions. Users can seamlessly send money to any of their BBM contacts using HotRemit without any complications of traditional money transfer. It is operated in a PCI-DSS certified environment, ensuring security of transactions and data.

Founder and director of DigitSecure Jay Krishna said,” BBM provides a convenient and instant social platform for money transfers, top-ups and expense tracking to both individuals and organisations. HotRemit is committed to social financial transactions and adding more social features that simplify day to day mundane tasks”.


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