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Best 10 Romai Electric Scooters Price in India – Specifications


Best Romai Electric Scooters Review

Romai is a Shanghai Minyuan Group founded in 1996. Now Romai e-scooters – Bikes becoming so popular and most wanted in India too. The company ROMAI Electric Vehicles Co., Ltd. offering range of products with strong quality and high efficiency. 

This is one of the greatest producers in China. Their range of products includes e-bikes, e- scooters, e-tricycles, e-vehicles etc. The available e-scooters are Romai RS06, Romai RS05, Romai RS04, Romai RS03, Romai RS02, Romai RS01, Romai RM01, Romai RM02, Romai Rm03 and Romai RM04.

Romai RS06

1. Romai RS06

Romai RS06 electric is scooter powered by the 450W Brushless(48V) motor. It uses 450W 48V controller and 48V 20Ah Lead-acid battery. The electric scooter measures 1950*600*1100mm dimensions and 1385mm wheelbase. The Romai RS06  have 120mm ground clearance. It comes with stylish 16″*3.0/16″*3.0 tires. For safety it is equipped with drum brake/drum brake. 45km/h is the attainable top speed.

Romai RS05

2. Romai RS05

Romai RS05 electric scooter is powered by the 450W Brushless (48V) motor. It features 1455mm Wheelbase and measures 1950*630*1170mm dimensions. The scooter equipped with 450W 48V Controller, drum brake, 150kg loading capacity etc. It uses 48V 20Ah Lead-acid battery and offers 45km/h max speed.

Romai RS04

3. Romai RS04

RS04 e-scooter powered by the 350W Brushless(48V) motor and 450W 48V controller. The bike features  1700*400*1050 mm dimensions and wheelbase of 1455mm. Mini Ground Clearance is 120mm. The e-scooter is fitted with drum brake.  45km/h is the top speed. Other features are 150kg Max Loading Capacity, 48V 20Ah Lead-acid battery and stylish tires.

Romai RS03

4. Romai RS03

Romai RS03 e-scooter powered by the 350W Brushless(48V) motor and 450W 48V controller. It features 48V 20Ah Lead acid battery, 45km/h Max Speed, 150kg Max Loading Capacity etc. The Mini Ground Clearance is 120mm. The bike measures 1850*420*1250 mm with 1170mm wheelbase.

Romai RS02

5. Romai RS02

Romai RS02 is packed with the 48V 20Ah Lead-acid battery and 450W  48V controller. The motor is  350W Brushless(48V) one. It is equipped with drum brake. This e-scooter measures 1170mm Wheelbase, 1950*400*1120 mm dimensions, 180mm Mini Ground Clearance etc. 45km/h is the top speed and 150kg is the max pay load.

Romai RS01

6. Romai RS01

Romai RS01 powered by the 500W Brushless(48V) motor and 48V 20Ah Lead-acid battery. The e-scooter measures 1800*680*1100mm and 1300mm Wheelbase too. Drum brakes fitted for safety. 120mm is the min ground clearance. It features 500W 48V Controller, Max 50km Driving Distance Charge, 45km/h max Speed and 150kg Max Loading Capacity.

Romai RM01

7. Romai RM01

Romai RM01 packed with the 48V 12Ah Lead-acid battery, 350W Brushless(48V) motor and 350W 48V controller. The bike features 1750*310*1100 mm dimensions, 1150mm Wheelbase, 170mm Mini Ground Clearance, Drum Brake etc. It is equipped with 35km/h Max Speed, 150kg Max Loading Capacity. It can attain Max 60km driving Distance Charge.

Romai RM02

8. Romai RM02

Romai RM02 packed with the 48V 20Ah Lead-acid battery, 500W Brushless(48V) and 500W 48V Controller. The bike equipped with drum brake, 1270mm Wheelbase, 120mm Mini Ground Clearance and measures 1800*680*1100mm. The scooter have 45km/h max Speed and  150kg Max Loading Capacity and Max 50km Driving Distance Charge.

Romai Rm03

9. Romai Rm03

Romai Rm03 powered by the 60V 20Ah Lead-acid battery, 450W Brushless (64V) motor and 450W 60V controller. It features drum brake, 180mm Mini Ground Clearance, 1280mm Wheelbase and measures 800*700*1120  mm. It also have 45km/h Max Speed, 150kg Loading Capacity and Max 60km Driving Distance Charge.

Romai RM04

10. Romai RM04

Romai RM04 packed with the 48V 20Ah Lead-acid battery, 450W Brushless (48V) and 450w 48V controller. The scooter measures 1870*560*1120  mm dimensions and 1280mm Wheelbase too. It is equipped with 180mm Mini Ground Clearance, drum brake, 45km/h Max Speed and 150kg payload. 

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