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5 Leading Countries with the Highest Increase in their Organic Agricultural Land

Organic foods are produced by methods that keeps completely with the standards of organic farming. Organic farming always promote ecological balance and it conserve bio diversity. In organic products farmers restricted to use  pesticides and fertilizers. They increases soil fertility. Organic products does not contain industrial solvents, or synthetic food additives. The importance of organic foods are going up so there we need an increment in organic agricultural land as well. Here we are listing out top 5 countries with the highest increment in organic agricultural land.

Organic Agricultural Land


Argentina become an important players in organic agriculture particularly the organic soybean market. Argentina is second in the world to Australia in certified organic farmland with 6.9 million acres their increase in organic agricultural land in the year 2008-2009 is + 390,825 hectors. Organic land makes up 2.2% of the country’s arable land.  Argentina’s organic crops include sugar cane, raw wool, fruits, vegetables and beans.


Turkey is one of the main producer of organic grapes and organic cotton. Turkey has the total organic agricultural area is 523 627 hectares and 76.4% consists of arable crops and 16.5% permanent crops and 4.7% is given over to permanent grassland and grazing areas. Milk, bread and tomatoes , dried apricots, raisins, apples and apple-based products, dried tomatoes and dried figs are top selling products.


In spain organic agricultural land has increased by 10 percent in 2011 and it is now at 1.6 million hectares. The number of organic operators raised up to 32’837 from 27’767 in 2010 that is an increase of 18 percent. Andalucía (6,195 farms) has the highest number of organic farms, followed by Extremadura (3,671 farms). Andalucía accounts for more than the half of organic land in Spain.


Organic farming was the backbone of the Indian economy. In 2004about 2.5 million hectares of land were being utilized for organic farming in India. The total area under organic certification is 4.72 million Hectare(2013-14). India produced around 1.24 million MT of certified organic products which includes Sugarcane, Cotton, Oil Seeds, Basmati rice, Pulses, Spices, Tea, Fruits, Dry fruits, Vegetables, Coffee and their value added products.


Italy is the major country in the European market for organic fruit and vegetable exports. Thei organic sector is increasing and national organic consumption in 2013 grew by 7.3%.  The Italian Ministry of Agriculture says that the number of Italian organic farms has increased by 3% and the amount of land cultivated organically has increased by 6.4% compared to last year.

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